Breaking News - #ProjectMayhem: Hillary Can't Even Handle Your Private Information

Trump Is Kicking Hillary's Ass

When I woke up this morning, I logged into Gab and saw this post from one of my usual reads:

"Okay, this Hillary call center tool is a goldmine. I want EVERYONE to do this. It requires zero effort and can really fuck with the campaign's data collection, especially in swing states. If everyone can do a few fakes a day, it'll have an effect. #ProjectMayhem" - agustus

"@agustus BREAKING NEWS: Racist frog crashes innocent HRC campaign by using their own stupidity against them. (yep, these are the same people who want access to our nukes) #ProjectMayhem" - Cathy

"Reviewing Hillary's phonebank system... Guys, this is beyond amateur implementation. The lack of security here simply cannot be explained by a bad campaign.

Could it possibly be:
1) Fly-by night vendor
2) Vendor influenced by her enemies
3) Hillary giving up, blames Alt-right
4) ?
" - Jeremiah 20:9

Included was this image:

Hillary's Call Center

Needless to say, I'm pretty astounded that this late in the election this site exists. Here's my take...

This Tool Is Leaking Democratic Voter Information Everywhere!

Seriously, this is disgusting and has a level of IT security that you might find on some beginners first website. This site is spewing your private information everywhere, anyone can sign in, and start seeing valid contact details.

Hillary Clinton Probably Has Zero Ground Game

This site is so terrible that if someone was actually using it, they probably would complain to the campaign. So we can conclude that either she has no one using it, or they are just that grossly negligent with voters personal information.

It Is More Useful To Trumpers Than Her At This Point

Trumpers can use the site to subvert her message, and speak directly to Democratic voters or harass them. This thing is wide open, and no one is vetting the people doing the calls. This is just the worst thing I've seen in twenty years of IT, and I hold Hillary's campaign responsible. You can screw with their system without even making the calls all you have to do is answer the questions as pro-Trump.

If Hillary Can't Control Your Information Does She Deserve Nuclear Codes?

I think this is a pretty cut and dry case of gross negligence, and she is leaking info that is only supposed to be available to registered candidates. I'm not sure sure what the penalty that is, but there is definitely a breech of trust and the same lack of security that has led to her other scandals.


UPDATED!!!!!: Demonstration Video by Andrew Torba

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