Hillary Will Only Make History As The First Completely Fake Candidate

She Couldn't Win the Primaries Without Cheating

The Democratic National Committee was only interested in putting Hillary up for the nominee and did this through active suppression of Sanders supporters. They manipulated voter registrations in New York City to exclude those who would possibly lean his way. In California, two million voter ballots were left in a warehouse uncounted. Voting irregularities that defy statistical analysis were found in most of the twenty-one states that this study analyzed.. It is questionable whether Hillary actually won the primary at all between these facts, and the superdelegate system.

Dead and Illegal Voters, and Scams

In a recent Washington Times article, they've mentioned that illegals are being given temporary deportation amnesty. The net effect of this is that since states are largely unable to force you to show ID to vote, more likely than not, illegals will be able to cast ballots in the election. Democrats historically are against such laws because largely they are the ones to gain from it. This is somewhat like setting the fox to guard the hen house.

CBS 2 in Los Angeles wrote this story about ballots being cast in the names of the deceased. From the article, “Specifically, 265 in Southern California and a vast majority of them, 215, in Los Angeles County alone.” While that number doesn't sound like a lot they basically rob the opposition of their vote by that number. If they do the same statewide they might be able upset election results by at least two or three percent, and change the outcome in rural counties. Many of these counties lack the resources to do these sorts of investigations.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that individuals from Chicago were buying votes from people in nearby Kankakee County. In Indiana, a voter registration project has come under investigation for misrecording information and tampering with voter registration data.

Never, and I mean never, ever register to vote through these third parties only through state offices or sites. What do you think this woman in the video below will do with your registration once she figures out you are a Republican?

Thanks to Pizzazz Piccaso For His Great Work!

Hiring Actors For Town Hall Meetings

It's hard to say what percentage of her audiences for these closed events are actors, but I venture to say nearly all of them. Most people don't understand that you can get extras for an hour or two of minimum wage pay. So take her minuscule event crowd size, and do the math. She's probably paying about $5,000 to $10,000 to fill the seats. Since everything else about her campaign seems false, it stands to reason that even the people attending are fake. They rent out a school gym because they can put the place on lockdown and it is cheap, and then they only let the actors and secret service in. They might let a small portion of legit Hillary supporters in to sell it to them that a real event is taking place. Does this scenario seem possible to you? Why is she never asked a single non-scripted or challenging question? Better yet, why is she hiring child actresses to ask her questions?

Does that even sound how young girls talk? The leap of faith that it takes to believe this is some sort of legitimate conversation is astounding. I have many children in my life and not one of them gives a damn about politics until they hit adult age. Brennan Leach, the girl in this video, is the daughter of Senator Daylin Leach of Pennsylvania, and has previous child acting credits here. Stop falling for this crap people, it's propaganda and manipulation. This is a brazen attempt to deceive people openly, and it is disgusting!

To compare, Trump's crowds seem to number in the thousands and it would be prohibitively expensive to do this on that scale. He's renting arenas, and paying thousands of fakers would break his campaign financially. Trump takes interviews from hostile parties and answers questions from the hip. It's obvious he is not faking his campaign whether you love him or hate him.


For me, it's not even whether you like Hillary or not anymore. It's whether you will allow the voices of Americans to be suppressed. When is enough actually enough? Do we just keep pretending that nothing is wrong with this and that it's just part of the system? That's where I diverge from the standard pundit on these issues and feel we must refocus the energy that Trump and Sanders have kindled. We aren't facing an election, but rather a civil war against a totalitarian regime. If we cannot get representation through our ballot then we are faced to take it back from the tyrants by force. Is this the trap that the powers that be are setting, or are they completely oblivious to the end game? Hard for me to say, but I sure hope Trump cleans up on November 8th.


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