Illinois Anti-Gun Laws Create More Victims


I felt like commenting on something near and dear me because I live near Chicago. Cook County, the region which Chicago resides in, is one of the most restrictive places in the nation in regard to gun ownership. Most of my comments will be in regard to Illinois just because I live there, but I feel that there are commonalities across the USA.

The Ownership Process Is Getting Good People Killed

In my home state, you need something called a FOID card (Firearms Ownership Identification) which takes you at least 30 to 45 days to obtain because it is mailed. Without that card, you cannot possess a firearm or purchase ammunition. You have to pay $10, submit a picture, and go through a background check. There is no way to speed up the process whether race riots broke out down the street, you are a woman who lives in a newly rape-plagued neighborhood, or a string of violent burglaries have left you worried that all of your stuff might go missing. That's not all, of course, you also have to wait another extra day for a long gun and three for a pistol for ANOTHER instant background check. By the end of this, you're talking somewhere around 45-55 days maybe, and you're left wondering who are these rules protecting? Are law abiding citizens safer because these laws exist? Of course not! If the laws were correctly designed we would make sure that good people could get guns extremely quick. We have the technology now, and every purchase is going through a system called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System or NICS. If you can pass the check instantly then why can't you walk out with your gun?

Government Created Kill Zones For Terrorists and Criminals

In Illinois, there are 23 areas where you cannot carry guns even with a concealed carry license. Your life is in danger in all of these areas because bad people don't follow the rules. The most notable places are all federal buildings, public buildings, schools, bars, hospitals, any special events or festivals, playgrounds, public parks, or stadiums/arenas.

I've pretty much figured out that besides the grocery store, gas station, work, or the street it's on the list. How many people are attacked on public property, school grounds, or bars? Look at all of the mass shootings and you will see the trend. All of these places are the ones you'd likely run into an attacker in and the ones you'd need protection in the most. Why is the Illinois gun law written like this? Good people aren't going to be shooting in any of these areas, so why provide places for bad people to shoot them with no chance of retribution? The good citizens are completely disarmed for the most part by this list of rules. There are so many rules that it makes more sense to leave the gun at home than bring it even if you're scared. If the aim of the law was to keep gun uses down it fails miserably, because criminals don't care what the law is. It's already illegal to shoot or kill for any reason other than to prevent crime, isn't it? A list of 23 places you can't be with a gun is pretty difficult to remember, eh? Accidental shootings would be another reason to have such draconian ordinances, but the statistics do not bear that out. There are very few accidental shootings nationwide and it's silly to even address it like this.

Illinois Gun Laws Are Pro Bad Guy

After reading all this, I am sure you can come to the math of it! You will never get a firearm in time enough to change the outcome. If you have the firearm and the concealed carry licenses (another 90 days) you still can't carry the gun in most places.

That creepy guy following you through the public park for several days will get his rape on unless you modify your life. If you break up with your spouse the chance that you can stop domestic violence is nil. If you see an innocent person being stabbed the chance you can intervene and save a life is nothing. You have absolutely no recourse in most areas, and these areas will draw bad guys like a turd draws flies.

You need to be psychic to know when, if, and where you will be to be able to use the firearm to protect yourself. That's exactly the point where these laws are failing us and need to be abolished.

We Need Illinois Constitutional Carry

It needs to be easier for a law abiding citizen to obtain a firearm than a crook if you want the good guys to win. We need to eliminate wait times, FOID cards, and the extensive list of kill zones to give people a fighting chance. We need to allow people to better protect themselves in light of the Warren v. District of Colombia decision, and others like it. Do we want to worry about gun free zones, concealed carry, open carry, and all of the other points or enable good people to protect themselves? If we vest the responsibility of protection onto a citizen, we should rightly give that them all of the tools to do the job.


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