Long Time No See

Normally, I don't take too long between posts but the last month of my life has been hell. I've felt terrible, and have been largely uninspired to write a damn thing.

Medical Dilemmas

Vision Woes

My vision began to blur a bit in about the middle of October and I went from 20/20 vision to needing 4.5x reading glasses to see anything clearly at all in a very short time - maybe a week. I just thought, "Oh, that's that you've hit the 40's thing..." A couple of different pairs of reading glasses and I was back in action. Didn't freak out much, but then...

Drastic Weight Loss

From September to now I've probably lost a good 30-40 pounds of me. None of my clothes fit, so then I started to worry. I had no clue what I was doing to lose the weight. I had been sort of reducing my portions of food before this, and thought maybe this was just the diet working.


I wasn't even the one who noticed it was my lovely wife. My urine smelled like the bog of eternal stench, but since it had changed over time I hadn't a clue. The only thing I really noticed was a milky or hazy color once in awhile. It was dreadful to me as well, but seriously I feel for anyone near me in a public bathroom. Nothing can really describe how bad it is, nothing...

Sean Goes To The ER

Obviously, at this point something is wrong with me because there are too many things going on. I go into the ER on the day before the election, and sit around for four hours while they dick around with other people. I'm sitting around in the room with the damn IV sticking in me, doing everything not to faint (because that's what my body wants to do every time they stick me with a needle) and look like a total bitch. Finally someone comes in the room, and they give me a test with their glucometer and I score a nice, "209" The weird ER guy keeps making some reference to "Seeing how sweet I am" and I'm just fed up. That's four hours after my last meal, which was poached eggs on toast. Now what that basically means is:


Ok, not completely. The ER is happy to jerk you around, not give you any medicine to help you with your problem, and constantly lament that only your primary care physician can do such things. That's great, but I'm fucking blind and wasting away. I go home happy to at least be able to vote the next day, and call my doctors office in the morning. I manage to talk my mother-in-law into loaning me a glucometer from her spares so I could keep monitoring myself.

My Doctor's Assistants Are Twits

I called for the next three days trying to get some kind of appointment. After about the fourth day I received a real callback from them (not the lying bullshit they were doing) and I missed the call because I passed out - still really not feeling too hot. My wife managed to get ahold of them, and then they took my insurance information about ten times from her before finally getting into their computer. After all is said and done, I've spent nearly two weeks to get to see my doctor and have almost completely run out of strips.

Walmart Glucose Meter To The Rescue

I didn't even know they carried their own brand of glucometers called ReliOn - I found it after trolling some diabetes forums. These are the cheapest machines you can find and the strips + the machine cost me $27. (Reloads are $17.99/100) I compared the results of this machine versus the FreeStyle Lite that I had been using and the results were close enough not to matter. The only thing is this one was far more picky about which way the blood got on the stick. If you ever need one of these make sure you are sticking the blood strip right into the blood drop with the machine horizontal or it can read high as much as +30. Anyway, the reloads for the FreeStyle were $159 at the local drugstore for the same count of strips. It's robbery, complete robbery.

Doctor Visit

The doctor saw me for about five minutes and ordered me about five different labs. I told him about the high blood sugar reading in the ER. He wanted to test me for everything from A1c to lipids. My guess is he was looking for organ damage or something else out of whack. He did little other than check my feet and make sure I was breathing right. I moved right to the door and was given an appointment to come back the next day for more bloodwork.

Tests Came In Today

So, after reading everything I have ketones and an A1C of 11.2 which means my "average" glucose level was something like 275. That's just insanely high, I'm glad I'm not in a damn coma. I have yet to see the doctor but their lab automatically notifies me when test results are available. Currently, I have to eat extremely low amounts of carbs or everything gets out of control and rarely can have any packaged food. I don't see my doctor until next week for the follow-up, but I already know what he will say. If this happens to you, go look up paleo diets or Atkins; at least you can eat! That, so far, has been the most annoying part of all of this.

Current Status - Not Too Bad

  • Fatigue: Much lower.
  • Vision: I have decreased the power to the 2x glasses.
  • Not Pissing Nail Polish Remover!
  • Fasting Blood Sugar Average is 93, which is fine!

Expect To See More

I'll get back on to this once preparing my meals isn't a full time job. I have to do a lot of research on my condition/food and it takes a ton of time. Really, it's taking EVERY spare moment of it but what can you do?

Anyway, thanks for reading and listening to me gripe!


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