The Alternative Media Needs To Stop Sucking Like Right Now

Today, I'm going to play devil's advocate here. This article will mock those who blow Hillary's health issues way out of proportion. I also feel like poking at the popular news topics of various alternative media outlets just for fun because they are going full retard. How are they going to stop die hard Hillary supporters from voting for her? That's a stretch if you think about it!

Hillary Wouldn't Be The Only Presidential Hopeful With Health Issues

Does she have Parkinson's, or seizures related to brain trauma? Either way, she is far from the first Presidential hopeful with massive health problems. Most incumbents have had major health problems in office due to their age. Both of the candidates are senior citizens and it stands to reason they both have some wear on the tires.

Let's take Ronald Reagan (my hero!), and bring out his list of health problems. He suffered from chronic allergies, prostate problems, massive hearing loss, colon cancer, colon polyps, skin cancer, and Alzheimer precursors while in office. He also was shot, and cut himself with a chainsaw! I would say he pretty much compares to the worst of the worst, and Hillary is only suffering a couple of issues. He served a full eight years with some massive help in the later part of his term. People didn't sell him out and provided help without demeaning him. They handled his problems, and most of us were none the wiser.

Republicans (and even some old Democrats) wax poetic over The Gipper. He represented everything that was good in the 80's and everyone alive at the time has a few fond memories. People loved him, and I think he loved us. Does knowledge of Reagan's maladies make you love him any less? That's why I've reached the conclusion that it is just a time sink type of talking point. No will vote or not based on this information. Why does the alternative media have to ramble on and on about it? It's pretty fucking redundant at this point.

The Alternative Media Is Using Talk On Black Lives Matter and Islamophobia To Breed Fear Instead Of Talking On The Fundamental Issues

We are a critical juncture where many forces are colluding to erode our sovereignty as a nation. Not enough is being said about machinations of this new world order paradigm, and that is the true enemy. The things that you see in the public eye are just the tip of the iceberg and not as relevant. Are the radical Islamic refugees the problem, or is it the people that want to bring them into our country? I think the players who are accomplices in this are much more relevant and they are escaping scrutiny. It's the henchmen that are doing the deed, and no one is even saying their names. These people should be shown as the real enemy, and I feel most of us don't even know who they are.

Both Black Lives Matter, and the radicals thrive on your fear-o-vision. If you weren't giving them witty lip service all the time they'd never get any press. They'd just be setting things in their own backyard on fire like a bunch of drunk rednecks. They're just burning their own cities down like children throwing a fit. IGNORE THEM! For fuck's sake, it's a trap! You don't pay attention to screaming children, you lock them in the room. The media encourages Black Lives Matter to act even more ridiculous in the future. The quicker you realize it, put on the daddy pants, and ignore them the better.

Laziness Or Largess?

In this case, the alternative media isn't doing us conservatives or libertarians any favors. We could have used the information on relevant issues to make better decisions. Instead, we've become subjected to this crap flood of useless ranting, pandering, and fear-mongering. I posit that this is a function of laziness. It is much easier to scream into a microphone about some goat herding devil than it is to do journalism. It is also easier point out the core values of Black Lives Matter and how they are at odds with their actions. Don't feed the beast, or it will grow.

Has it become harder for the larger alternative media to keep up with the data stream? If you look at some of the more popular sites it seems more like a tabloid than news, and this is a troubling trend. The hype train is never in the best interest of the reader, and content suffers.

Take it as a call to action to up the game, or tell me to fuck off in the comments below.


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