Weekend at Hillary's: Is she too big to fail, even if she is dying?

Weekend at Hillarys

Hillary's 9/11/16 Episode Raises More Questions

According to https://www.opensecrets.org/pres16/, Hillary has about half a billion dollars in campaign contributions. What would be the effect if one of her health episodes ended her race? Would the Democrat party fall apart under pressure from all the globalist sponsors? Would Tim Kaine take the lead, and who is he? Are they just going to stand out there with her dead body and hope to win?

Hillary's Health Issues

  • Constant coughing fits. (Ongoing)

  • Balance issues / vertigo. (Ongoing)

  • Broke her elbow in 2009 after a fall.

  • Fainting during Benghazi inquiry period caused a concussion. Late 2012.

  • Blood clot on December 2012, reportedly linked to injuries received in #4. Blood thinners were mentioned in her doctor's health statement in June / July 2015 health statement.

  • Seen with prism glasses in January 2013, again likely related to #4. These glasses are for people who have double vision.

  • August 2015, comments about her being on blood thinners for life came out. Again, connected to #4.

  • Fox News reports in May of 2014 that Hillary's recovery took over six months. Source was a Bill Clinton interview.

  • Reporter episode where she seems to have a seizure in front of a group of people trying to interview her.

  • A speech episode where she has an incident where she completely blanks out during a talk.

  • 9/11/16 her legs completely buckle as she is entering a van. Secret service agents block her.

In light of these obvious dilemmas, how can she still run? Best case, she has some sort of disorder that makes her faint. Worst case, she has something that gives her seizures. I think that it is seizures, because this woman hasn't driven a car since 1996. I find it unlikely that there would be any other reason for her not to drive. It also explains why case #4 even happened in the first place.

9/11 Incident

In the footage below watch for her to totally seize out right before she gets into the car, and note the shaking:

Epilepsy seizures would make it impossible for you to have a license, and shed light on the rest of the story. She has manifested absence seizures during the reporter incident and the speech. They cause lapses in cognitive thought, and blackouts. Hillary also seems to suffer from atonic seizures (also called drop attacks). Drop attacks, thus named, are exactly what they seem - your legs give out from under you and you hit the ground. They are not fainting, and fainting wouldn't be so frequent that you couldn't drive a car. Healthy people can faint, and it has nothing to do with any other issues.

Why do I say they are seizures verses fainting? I have two people in my life who suffer and I feel it is relevant. One person has had them since birth and is learning disabled. He manifests the drop attacks, and the absence seizures. I have seen them thousands of times in my life. These petit mal seizures are not too dangerous but you must be aware of them. These people usually cannot drive, and people nearby need to watch them. They usually have short term memory issues, and some long term effects. My friend could not remember some things I told him years ago, but might remember the last week or so well. If he doesn't just drop to the ground, he likely will just seem like he's spacing out.

My other friend, let's call him Jim, received his seizures from an accident. He use to cut trees and one unfortunate day he was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tree didn't crush his skull, but gave him a severe concussion and put him into a coma. Two days later he awoke with no memory of the incident other than what medical staff told him. Since that time he has suffered from what is known as a grand mal seizures. These are BAD and are completely debilitating. Often after such seizures he will have bit through his tongue with blood everywhere. (There are pics with Clinton displaying these bite marks/ lesions the web.) Sometimes he can be seizing for up to 5-10 minutes, and when he finishes he is in so much pain he can do nothing but cry. He too suffers a complete lack of memory during the incident. His memory is even worse, and often has trouble remembering things at all on the day of the seizure. During the time of the event he has no control of his body whatsoever. He is usually in physical pain all day when they occur, and cannot drive either.

Anyway, you have to have pretty excessive neurological damage to suffer from both types. You have to have a LOT of impact damage to the brain case, and that calls into question if Hillary can do the job. I mean what if she is walking down the staircase of Air Force One and seizes into a nose dive? She's going to kill herself! Most people who suffer the drop attacks or grand mals need help around stairs as a rule. The more they try to present her as normal the more she may face increased danger. Is the sham worth it?

The epileptic seizures also explain her weird testimony and her forgetfulness. I don't think she is intending to lie as much as suffering from memory lapses. Often, she seems to be manifesting focal / partial seizures as well. She can't remember what she has done, and can't remember what she said. There, I said it! She is not likely as evil as we think, but broken. I think maybe on Benghazi she was down with a big one already, and her disjointed testimony is the result. Sweating / overheating / feeling faint are also signs of impending seizures too. The fact that she has confirmed all the various symptoms makes it pretty easy for anyone to see what is going on.

We must ask what forces keep wheeling her out when they know she is suffering so much? What do the globalist masters have on Hillary where they can put her on a death march? That is likely the most frightening question of all! The picture for this post might soon become a reality.


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