Women Seem To Prefer Trump Over Hillary Most Of The Time

Hillary's Political Talking Points Don't Help Most Women

  1. Her policies fund women's health only with Affordable Health Care Act and Planned Parenthood. Most women see a real OB-GYN for this care and receive their contraceptives through their insurance which making this worthless talking point for the majority of women. I can't imagine a woman subjecting themselves to substandard care willingly, and think the talking point lacks gravitas.
  2. Diversion with equal pay conspiracy (hint: It's illegal not to do it, right now!), and anti-TPP talk. All things that she has largely has had a hand in during her senate term. She was on the board at Walmart, and Bill Clinton basically gave our economy as a present to China with a big red bow via China trade deals. Women are heavily interested in the health of the economy because of their husbands and children. The economy is one of the big three issues with women in general, and Obama's policies have been destructive to jobs. Hillary is also the more taxes candidate no matter how you look at it and is looking to continue Obama's legacy.
  3. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, and most women are against the criminality of any kind. (Feel free to search on how many crimes women are involved in, it's nearly nothing!) Hillary also has countless scandals of her own, and women seem to reject her on that basis.
  4. Hillary is in a sham marriage with a serial adulterer and many women find that troubling to say the least. It's hard to get the women vote when you are the saddest excuse for one. Who can look at her and honestly say she does her job as a mother or grandmother? Who is she to understand and provide for our families? Most people probably aren't buying it.
  5. Women focus on honesty in their candidate, and she has absolutely none of that whatsoever. The Democrats voting for her don't even trust her. She lies so much even Obama commented on it in the past, so not getting any points with the women there. She even attempted to steal items from the The White House, and didn't return them until being hounded.
  6. Women dislike meanness, and Hillary is known for her one hour plus tyrades on Secret Service and White House staff. The depth of her vindictiveness knows absolutely no bounds, and reportedly had a large part in the suicide of Vince Foster who was suffering from extreme depression and anxiety.

Real Women On Trump

"Who would you trust more: A rich man that got there honestly or someone who got there through cheating?" - The Wife

"Trump is awesome because he has common sense. Seriously. Taking care of our own citizens before bringing in more (illegals & refugees) is just common sense! Enforcing our existing immigration and border laws - again, common sense!" - Donna

"He doesn't fake a persona to please people. He's an American & loves his country & her people. Revived my passion for this country. His respect & vigor for the Constitution & Bill of Rights is on par with my own feelings. Also revived my interest in politics. & brassy" - Duck

Who really likes her?

It's not the family woman, the career woman, but the younger no information voter who is wet behind the ears and doesn't have the life experience to know otherwise. Why do I feel this way? Free college and Planned Parenthood aren't exactly things mature women need. They are already out of school and have decent insurance in most cases. Older women aren't buying their birth control and OB-GYN care from the slum clinics. It's really just common sense, but if you vote just because people buy you then you are doomed to fail. Hillary is expecting that if she can give away certain things that you will put up with anything she does, just like her donors from The Clinton Foundation.

I think the stealth voting bloc for Trump is going to be the intelligent mature woman who won't fall for this. This demographic is not getting any attention at all in the media because it would contradict the claims that most women support Hillary. The censorship on this is so great that you might presume there isn't even a single woman voting for Trump. Feel free to Google it, but it is abundantly clear to me that the search engines are filtering content on this. I searched, "Women For Trump", and only could find articles trash talking Trump or a few special interest sites. What I didn't find was any real press at all! If the media is so pro-woman why doesn't it cover the woman that votes for Trump? They don't actually support women's rights, and could give less than a single fuck. You have the "rights" until you need them. This seems to be the Democrat way of doing everything -- screw the women, the blacks, the Latinos, and anyone else but keep begging for their votes. Do they think that just because the mature woman will not be heard she will not vote? They really need to come back from their trip to crazy town. Ladies, you really can save us, and don't you forget it! Trump 2016, MAGA!


Special thanks to my wife, Donna, Quack (especially for the funny cover picture), and anyone else I didn't mention who helped greatly in the creation of this article.

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